Hello fellow tweeter or potential tweeter,

Thankyou for your interest in my recent surge of twitter followers. First of all it was never my intention to suddenly be in demand as to how you could generate a huge following on twitter. It was originally a bit of fun to see how many followers I could get. Be careful what you wish for!

Much as I would like to put it down to the masses tuning into my genius; there was a lot of science and expertise behind the surge. It is unfortunately not a free, push button solution that I can share with you all. It is a highly effective proven method to build a brand and market positioning.

On Sunday 5th November 2012 I had approximately 1,300 followers and I was following about 1,700. I had built these followers by following people who I found interesting and also people who were interested or who worked in my areas of expertise: NLP, coaching, public speaking etc. What I had found with twitter was that it was a lot of work to build my followers and that the engagement was time consuming.

What I really wanted from twitter was to establish myself as a known brand and position myself as an expert in my field. This would make getting speaking gigs easier and attract more followers who were interested in what I do. I spoke at World Internet from November 2-5th 2012. I gave 2 speeches at the event and wanted to capitalise on the interest I had received from the audience. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time building this presence on twitter.

I met a twitter expert called Elise Quevedo at the event. I had previously met Elise at a Mark Anastasi event in September 2012 where I had given a speech on mindset.

Elise offered to do some work on my twitter account and to see what would happen. This started on the morning of Sunday 5th November.

My followers progressed like this (note that the number of people I was following actually went down as I pruned out people who I had no connection or common interest with. The number of people I followed dropped from about 1,700 to 958 and will fall further in the short term):

SUN am 1,300 followers approx.

MON am 14,000 followers approx.

TUE am 28,000 followers approx.

WED am 55,000 followers approx.

THU am 67,000 followers approx.

FRI am 157,000 followers approx..

FRI pm 170,000 followers approx.

My followers still stand at around 170,000 (November 12th 2012). There will likely be a small % drop-off, as some of these followers will unfollow me if I don’t follow them back. I now tweet regularly each day primarily using Hootsuite. To set-up a week’s worth of tweets takes me about an hour a week. Screenshot from @richwaterman on November 12th 2012.

 From a business perspective:

I had a significant increase in subscribers to my newsletter over this period (I don’t strongly promote what I do normally but subscription rate was up by a factor of 10 on the average – small numbers admittedly).

I am now starting to be followed by other experts on twitter who have big followings e.g. in the last few days I have been followed by people with 42,000 followers, 7,500 followers, 30,000 followers, 34,000 followers and 5,500 followers to name a few. In fact @truewitinwords just followed me who tweet quotations and have 54,596 followers. Useful!

Both @richwaterman and #monstermillionairemindset trended in the UK on Thursday November 8th. #monstermillionairemindset also trended around several other countries in the world on that day. This was thanks to extra work done by Elise. Tremendous publicity. Click on the picture below to see a screenshot of this trending.


My free advice would be this:

Make sure you have appropriate hashtags (#) in your profile description so people know what you do.

You need to tweet a minimum of 8 times a day. You can pre-load and automate this using different platforms (I use Hootsuite). Also post manually!

Post about generic stuff and news so the real you comes across more.

When you post about your niche use hashtags. E.g. “#motivation Do whatever it takes!”.

Don’t spam your followers or overdo the offers. Content and value are king!


My main advice is use a twitter expert. My twitter expert – Elise Quevedo explains more:

“ For anyone interested in a surge of followers just like Rich had, let me explain what this is all about. I help people get thousands of followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook or Youtube views. However I am very clear that I am NOT referring to targeted people. This is all about positioning and creating an online brand identity.

Would you like to be named on the same list of entrepreneurs to follow on twitter like Martha Stuart, Ivanka Trump, Bob Pressner, Robert Kiyosaki, James Caan, Peter Jones? Then get your numbers up and start tweeting! I may not be as famous as they are, but I made the list! Can you imagine being able to say that to your peers or colleagues? And how you could use that for publicity or to get clients? I (Elise) have been voted Top 100 Entrepreneur to Follow on Twitter July, September, October and November 2012 and that is thanks to my numbers and engagement. I have beaten the likes of James Caan (ex Dragon), Latoya Jackson and Darren Hardy (publisher of Success magazine). What could that do to your business?

We are in a business where targeted leads are important, but if you don’t have a following first, how can you expect strangers or potential leads to follow you? I invested in my own 150k first, then the targeted traffic started coming through, as people were thinking ‘ Who are you? You must be good at what you do? So let me follow you!…’ So now I get followed by top businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, social media competition that have no clue how I’m achieving what I’m achieving.

On average you might see a 10-15% drop off of followers overall from the initial surge of followers as not everyone will stay and that doesn’t matter anyway.

Don’t think of the people who already know you. Think of what you are trying to accomplish. Who you are targeting. What do you want your potential customers to see about you when they google you? We, as internet marketers, business owners or coaches are more critical and cynical of something like this. But if it’s good enough for celebrities to use this type of service, then it’s good enough for us.

Did you know during the US election there were over 327k tweets per minute?

Some of you may already be thinking, ‘no this is not for me!’ or I can get the same on Fiverr. Go ahead, I am not a pushy salesperson but I have also spent over 3,000 hours researching where to get the best of the best. It is the reason why I put my face and name to my own twitter account. My account is the proof (I get a lot of celebrities checking me out now). So what I offer my clients is what I use myself. I know it works.

What I will tell you is this:


  • After you go past 100-120k followers, you will start getting higher positioning
  • You will get people in your industry following you out of curiosity
  • You will gain respect from others wanting to know how this happened
  • You will create instant credibility for your business
  • FYI, you wouldn’t tell people you bought followers or this type of service! What you say is that you hired one of the best Social Media Managers out there who is promoting you worldwide!

I am one of the best Social Media Managers around. Getting numbers higher is great but it’s like buying a Ferrari. Great car, but if you don’t know how to drive it, it will most likely be parked on your driveway.

Any client of mine gets a free guide based on me checking your Twitter account and seeing if you tweet, if you use hashtags etc. I make all the rankings not only because of my numbers but also my engagement in Social Media. If you are too busy to tweet on a regular basis and engage your followers, I offer a done 4 u service as well. Where I can even help you manage your account.

A lot of my work on Social Media Management is organic, meaning it’s done by ME. All Social Media platforms know if you are using software or you are doing it yourself. So I balance the leverage of software with the personal touch for my clients, which is something to be discussed further if you would like to talk to me.

I believe this will separate the curious from the serious:

If you go past 100k followers, I will get you TARGETED followers within 2-3 weeks (over 1000 followers plus based on the area you want!!).

But this only works if it looks like you are already the best in your field!! And how is this done? It is by using a sophisticated and safe process that introduces your personal twitter profile and tweets to fresh people/companies/accounts in your target field and target location! (UK/USA/Worldwide)

These clients then have the option to follow you if they like your own twitter content/profile/tweets. Since we only connect you with people in your own chosen target field of interest and location (e.g. business, entrepreneurs, music followers, promoters etc.), the growth and success ratio of people following you is exceptionally high!

This is also the reason why the followers produced by this method will stay in your account without vanishing (like often happens with other services).

Everything is 100% compliant with twitters rules and regulations and it also eliminates twitter spam by 100%. And there is no need for you to follow anyone!

Hopefully that answered your initial questions:

  • So if you just want some numbers, YES I can help you with that.
  • If you don’t really know the power of Twitter and need some training, YES I can help you with that…
  • If you want Social Media Management, YES, I can also help with that.
  • And you can even hire me to spend the day with you coaching you on these techniques.


An example of pricing: If you wanted 100k followers the investment is $997. We can do as little as 10k followers and custom packs of 250k or more (although this is normally used by celebrities and promo stunts).

I look forward to hearing from the serious people and thanks for the interest :)“

Elise Quevedo

Final word from Rich: There are very people I trust to work with me on my brand. Elise is absolutely one of those people and has a fantastic abundance mindset. I am happy to answer any more questions you have on my progress: best email for me is or Facebook message me.


However the person you really need to talk to is Elise:

The best way to contact Elise is through her websites: