In 2011 I became part of Katie Joy’s (The Global Butterfly) Global Trading Game!
Myself and my business partners – Andy and Carol West of Obsidian Retreat completed the fifth trade of the game.
It was reported on the front page of RTN – the best selling English speaking newspaper in Spain:

“GLOBAL BUTTERFLY Katie Joy flitted into the Costa Blanca this week in the latest round of an international bartering game that crosses the world aiming to raise a million for charity.

Using the power of the Internet and marketing skills, together with rules as simple as Saturday Morning Swap Shop, the energetic Australian adventurer has already turned a humble packet of biscuits into a £12,000 lifestyle package.

Each round involves trading up to something bigger and better than her existing item – and her moves around the planet in The Global Trading Game are governed by each new offer as Katie flies to meet participants to make the exchange – therefore the traders are throwing the virtual dice.
And her philosophy is simple. Everyone playing the game is a winner: “I win, you win, and the greater community wins.”

RTN managed to catch up with Katie as she made her latest trade – the fifth in the series – at The Obsidian Retreat just outside Benissa and became the first newspaper to interview her to win a coveted place in her website diary.

She explained she has set a personal goal strapping herself into a seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactica for an out of space experience and raise a minimum of $1 million for the tycoon’s charitable foundation Virgin Choice.

And to illustrate how positive thinking can achieve things, Katie said she was fulfilling an ambition in two week’s time when she flies to Necker Island to meet Branson himself on his private retreat.

Katie explained her inspiration was the story of Canadian Kyle McDonald who in 2005 started with one red paperclip advertised on his blog and in 14 deals secured a home.

The former paramedic from Perth told RTN on New Years Eve she sat down and decided to make a major contribution to the world but was not sure how until fate took a hand.

Days later she was at Brisbane Airport about to fly off for an international Internet marketing conference. “About 40 minutes before boarding I found a magazine and flicked through to this article about one red paper clip and the guy who started a trading game and 12 months later got his dream house.
“That totally resonated with me and I thought I could do it on a global scale.”

And so she bought a packet of Tim Tams – an Australian chocolate biscuit similar to Penguins. At the conference they were traded for a book, swapped for a So Cool Membership, an Internet marketing tool, and later exchanged at Heathrow Airport for a photography and video package worth £2,500.
In turn that was swapped for a platinum internet marketing package offered by expert Simon Coulson – the value estimated at £5,000 – and the next offer brought her to Benissa to trade.

There she met with Andy and Carol West – who run The Retreat and The Kamala Centre – and Richard Waterman, a neuro linguistics programmer, who traded a £12,000 week’s lifestyle course for the marketing package.
Katie, who has spent three years travelling, said: “I feel this is my calling. I was guided to that article in the magazine and that has guided me here.
“I am a global butterfly who has flitted about but now I am getting people out of their cocoons to spread their wings and fly. It is a game ad all about the art of ‘allowing’, things to be and take their course,” she added.

“My personal world has expanded so fast over three years. Since I opened the door wide I can see what is happening and what is possible to achieve – you just have to say ‘yes’, it’s another important principle of the game.”

She said The Global Trading Game was “all about people winning, everyone getting value out of the world. Not only is it ‘win win’ in trades, but a tremendous win for global marketing.”

And her new Spanish friends have no doubts Katie would achieve her goal. Andy said: Not only because of all her connections but also energy, drive and enthusiasm.”
Katie plans to write a book about her adventures but readers can keep up to date with her travels at”