The reason we set goals is not to get stuff.
The reason we set goals and create results is
To become the person you will need to become
In order to make them a reality

Joe Williams




“Rich Waterman is commited to results and a dynamic and very caring person who only wants people to experience the best in who they can be.  It has been my priviledge to watch Rich in action assisting people to massively change their lives.  He has the commitment and the skills to help people get their outcomes.  I highly recommend Rich and his company to anyone who wants the most from themselves and their lives.  Rich is the best!!!” Rose Evans.

“I have waited ten years to sort my issues and tried many different therapies. I had one session with Get Rich! and it was fantastic – hard work, but if you are prepared to go all the way and try anything this really is great!!! My issues were deep rooted and I did not think it would work but it did. Thank you so much Rich you have changed my life!!!” JC, Stevenage.

“Would you like to join me shut in the boot of a car?  This might sound funny but I had a real terror of being shut in small dark places.  A television programme featuring someone who was trapped, or even reading of someone unable to escape from a confined space would cause me to panic.  After a very short session with Rich I was happy to climb into the boot of his car and have the lid closed.  He effected not a quick fix cure, although it was quick, but provided me with techniques to maintain the change.” My Mum! (Yes I did lock her in my boot)

“Rich worked with me on my fear of diving into a swimming pool. It only took about half an hour.
I felt comfortable during the whole process even when we got to the bit about actually jumping in.
I didn’t feel nervous or pressured.I want to say a huge thank you to Rich because I am now living in Spain in a beautiful house with a pool. It is very liberating being able to dive in every morning after a run to cool down.
Thank you.” Carol West.

“For the last four years I have had OCD, it got progressively worse to the point where it was affecting my day to day living. I had to be satisfied  with what I was doing before I could move on to something else, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. Rich and I talked at first to establish how my OCD manifested itself and together we discovered I had lots of rules. We then did some exercises and applied them to a scenario,  I was surprised to see how quickly they worked. I feel calmer and able to surpass the things that would normally affect me, I can now walk past a wonky picture, or an open door, I don’t need to line up all of the books and everything on my desk. Rich didn’t want to get rid of all of my traits as some of them will become useful in later life but I now feel in control of them instead of them in control of me and all in my 45 minute appointment. Thanks Rich.” J.