Online Group Coaching Programme – New for 2012

My aim is to provide affordable coaching – so I am offering you the opportunity to join my group coaching programme where you have full access to me online and at an amazing price.

Over the last six years I have been looking at ways I could provide my personal coaching at a price that is affordable to everyone.
I will be running an online programme where you can access online content videos at your leisure along with coaching from me via group webinar and group facebook chat.

You will have access to an exclusive facebook group where you can leave your questions for me to answer and also where you can interact with other members and form a world-class peer group.

It is all too easy to miss out on what you want in life through either procrastination, perfectionism, fear or lack of focus. Maybe all of these! How many opportunities have you missed out on already?

It is important to have someone you can rely on who will keep you accountable and keep you on track.

  • How would it feel to have me working personally with you to achieve the life of your dreams?
  • What would your dream life look like?
  • What would your friends and family say to you if your dreams became reality?

This is affordable personal coaching to suit your busy lifestyle.

I’m looking for action takers so please take a look at my new “Perseus Programme”
We run fortnightly webinars on a Monday at 8pm GMT and weekly Facebook group chat on a Wednesday at 8pm GMT.



I currently have very few slots available for one-on-one coaching.

Please email me if you are interested and we can see if one-on-one coaching is the best solution for you: Email Me


I am an expert on curing phobias and OCD
(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Common phobias include: spiders, snakes, heights, dogs and needles.
But my advanced techniques will work on any phobia.

I give talks to groups about phobias and we can all work together on curing all your phobias.

Currently I have very few slots available for one-on-one phobia cures so please email me ASAP if you are interested. Email Me



New for 2012 I will be running an NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) Practitioner Course. Learn the tools that I use as a coach and get certified by Dr.Richard Bandler – the co-founder of NLP. Create another income in this rapidly expanding field. To express an interest: Email Me


Also new for 2012. Do you want a career as a public speaker? Something holding you back? This is one of the fastest growing professions and an incredibly effective way of building credibility and showcasing your expertise. I will walk you through all that you need – from controlling your emotions onstage to making sure you are in demand for speaking gigs. To express an interest: Email Me